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Building muCommander for OSX Mountain Lion

When I upgraded from a 2010 MacBook Pro to a MacBook Pro retina with OSX Mountain Lion, I was unhappy that I couldn’t install muCommander. muCommander is a dual pane file manager, very much like Norton Commander and Total Commander. The problem with Mountain Lion is that it does not allow execution of applications downloaded from the Internet, if they are not signed using a sort of developer certificate. So, I decided to build the app myself, which proved a bit trickier than I expected.

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Mac OSX SSH based SOCKS proxy configuration

This post is about setting up and configuring automatically an SSH based SOCKS proxy configuration on Mac OSX. I need it to be configured automatically, since scientific publications are accessible only from an academic institution IP address. Since I spend a lot of time on the console, it is more convenient to have a bash script for that. Also, I have access to plenty of Linux servers at my institution, thus it is very easy to use one of them as SOCKS proxy.
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First Post

Welcome to this first post of my blog!

The motivation to create this blog is to keep notes for libraries, tools and methodologies I try and use. While my intended audience is actually myself, don’t quit reading yet. I am a post-doctoral researcher and I usually keep in private web server notes as tutorials to myself. It’s a pity that the sources to create those instructions often come from other tutorials, available freely online. Although via this blog I am able to to give back my findings and solutions to problems, this is not always a one-way giving: It is often that people make important corrections and proposals for improvement in every presented solution. Read the rest of this entry